Celebrity Meets Library

Halfway through Day 2 of ALA Annual and I’m noticing an interesting … mm, what to call it… clash? conflict? dual interest? … in the programming here.  Things seem divided between the Celebrity events and the Real Library Work events.  For example, this morning I was fortunate enough to see Ken Burns speak and present a preview of his newest documentary.  But later today and tomorrow I would be missing pretty valuable-sounding library sessions if I went to see Susan Wise Bauer in the Exhibit Hall or Julie Andrews at the Author Series.   I will, however, be happy to see Garrison Keillor on Tuesday since there won’t be any conflicts with that.

But it makes me wonder — why is there such a strong presence of celebrity at – of all things – a library conference?  Who would ever make such a connection?


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Meets Library

  1. Book Sellers! Publishers are also at the ALA. And they want their books ordered by every library represented.
    Have fun! Take more Pics.
    love ya

  2. I’ve wondered about this connection as well. Although I’m sure the argument is that these are the people who public library patrons want to read/view/etc., so having them at the conference makes librarians aware of them, it *is* very very odd.

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