Libraries in plural

A group of librarians is called a “shush”… believe it or not… but what about a group of libraries? A shushtette?

My goal for this Independent Study as I laid it out in the proposal was to survey the literature regarding international library partnerships and/or “sister library” programs to see how the partnerships were measured in terms of success or benefit for the member libraries. I envisioned a beautiful, well-organized table of information about all the partnerships I could find, with fields describing the type of libraries involved (public, school, academic…), how long they had worked together, what they shared in the partnership, which countries were represented and so on.

I did not take into account the role that library associations might play in these partnerships. My initials searches through the databases have turned up articles about professional associations, libraries partnered with businesses, libraries and the digital divide, but very little about international library partnerships in the sense that I’m hoping to find. Lots of information about digital libraries and libraries getting networked in the technical, online way. Every once in awhile I’ll find “library network” describing a consortia – bingo! But these are few and far between.

Which leads me to wonder if I should adjust the scope of my topic… are today’s library consorita primarily digital partnerships? What are these library partnerships calling themselves? Hmph.


2 thoughts on “Libraries in plural

  1. I wonder if you have checked out the sister city program, and if the libraries in a pair of sister cities have shared programs.
    I also wonder why you picked such a poor subject. What subjects were done a year ago, and which would be the easiest to copy? Either a subject should be as quick and painless as possible, or a subject in which you have a passionate interest so the excess time spent is a pleasure.

  2. I’m thinking about the sister-city approach, but my adviser is suggesting that I narrow in on just cooperatives that actually share resources with each other.

    The subject is a passionate interest of mine, and something I hope to build on later. Thus, the extra time for this class is really just laying the groundwork for a bigger project down the road. Lucky me! 🙂

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