Last Post and New Site

I’ve changed my username as much as possible to “esquetee” (like SQT) since librarienne and epist are already taken in many places, and so I’m combining my old blogs Epist and Librarienne into one new blog – Esquetee.  All the old posts from both this one and Epist have been moved to the new blog Esquetee.  If you’re interested, I also have a portfolio finally (hurray!).

Please update your RSS feeds to the new feed, as I will not be posting any longer here.  I will keep the old posts in place, though, so as not to break links.


Give me templates

As I get things ready for our new staff member’s orientation, I am realizing how very helpful it would be to have templates of a lot of our documents.  For example, when we need a schedule hand-out created we could just give the schedule template and the spreadsheet of event information and anyone in the office could then put together a hand-out that looks consistent with our other hand-outs.  But creating templates takes time and that is a precious commodity right now.

We’re also getting ready for a planning meeting this afternoon to wrap up the details on the China program.  Only a week away!

How to communicate?

We interviewed the student intern today and this is going to work out great!  I’m trying to get an orientation outlined for Thursday when the student starts.  Lots to do between now and then and so little time!

Also got a request in email to advertise or announce applications for a couple library awards.  Which brings me back to a question I’ve been grappling with a lot — what is the best communication tool for us?  Our website does not get that much traffic and most of the traffic we do get is for the Associates application.  In Facebook, on the other hand, we have the Mortenson Center group with over 200 members now.  But if I post a link to the group for these announcements, will that go to people’s news feeds?  How do we know it will get seen?  Well we don’t.  No matter what tool we use.

I’m thinking about starting a Twitter account for the Center and creating a Facebook “persona” too.  Still exploring these options.

Meetings about meetings

A lot of loose ends have been wrapped up this week.  We had a good meeting on Wednesday – figured out who’s driving where when and settled on a food provider for most of the meals.  Also have a great outline shaping up for the day with the City.  Sent out emails to all the speakers asking for their PowerPoint files since we’ll need the interpreters to look over them beforehand.

This afternoon a couple of us went over to the Levis Faculty Center to plan out the Opening — we’ll have the group photo outside by the fountain, or on the 2nd floor couches if weather is bad.  Social time will be on the 2nd floor patio, followed by Ceremony with the screen showing a slideshow.  Then downstairs for dinner.  Excellent, excellent.  I think this will work out much better for photos.

The Where and How

Last couple days have been about transportation and location.  The vehicles we wanted to get from the campus pool are already reserved so we have to come up with a different plan that will still be within budget.  Also, the building originally picked out for the Opening Ceremony is too expensive and has a high school dance the same night as our ceremony.  So that’s out.  On to Plan B at many levels.

Email tag

Lots of lots of emailing today to schedule speakers for the Chinese library directors.  Sometimes I wonder if this kind of scheduling would be more efficient with just a phone call, but there is quite a bit of information to be sent out too.  I think opening the discussion with a phone call and following up with an email would probably be best, but then we’d just play phone tag in the same way we play email tag.  I don’t know — just something to be thinking about.